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Sydney Music Festival - 2015

Dear Friends,

In Chennai we are feeling the effects of the Khatri Veyil. The Sun God is resplendent in this month of May. He is the one that give us every shed of energy that we possess. Waiting for a couple of June showers to come in which would make the sun smile.

After a very successful visit to God's own Country to perform in Thrissur at the Sri Seetha Ramaswamy Temple at Pushpagiri, Poonkunnam,Thrissur at the invitation of the Kalyan Jewellers family, I also had the opportunity to have Darshan at  the Sri Krishna Temple at Guruvayur. 

Come June, I shall be travelling Down Under to Australia to perform at the Sydney Music Festival 2015 at Parametta in Sydney, Australia on 6th June, 2015.

With best wishes,

Aruna Sairam 

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