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Happy Tamil New Year - 2015

Dear Friends,

Hope you are preparing for the festivities of Tamil New Year. The start of the year is infused with spirituality through music. 

On April 14th, Tamil New Year's day, I will be performing at the Sri Raghavendra Temple in Dr. Ranga Road in Chennai. It is an auspicious start to the year with Swami's blessings. 

Later in the month, I will be performing at the Thyagaraja Swamy Temple in the creatively charged town of Thiruvarur, the birthplace of the Carnatic Trinity.  I feel honoured to perform here and offer an ode to the musical legacy of the Trinity - their music is a gift that continues to give in so many dimensions.

Wish you a wonderful Tamil New Year and look forward to seeing you at the performances.

Best wishes,

Aruna Sairam

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