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Naada Yoga - 2015

Dear Friends,

It is an honour to participate in a unique event presented by the  'Art of Living' called 'Naada Yoga' - a multi-lingual devotional  evening with the chanting of the divine sound of 'Om' through  soulful melody and songs - Naad and Namavalis.

It is a great pleasure to also share the stage with eminent artists:  Grammy award winner Pt. Viswa Mohan Bhat with his Mohana  Veena, Shri. Mansoor Khan and Shri. Anwar Ali with their  Manganiyars group, and the Bhakti Symphony preformed by 150  school children. The programme is conceptualized and curated by  Sri Shashikiran and is a fund raiser to support corporation schools.

Please support this noble cause. Looking forward to seeing you in  the audience - Saturday, June 20th, Music Academy.

With best wishes,

Aruna Sairam

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